Holy Baptism at Holy Cross
We are delighted that you are considering Baptism for your child, and we hope you will find the information here helpful.

Normally, you may bring your child for Baptism at Holy Cross only if you live within the official parish boundary, or are on the electoral roll. If you live outside the parish, or are unsure whether you do, please come and speak to us.

What is Baptism?
Perhaps you are used to the old name of “Christening”?

A Baptism is the service by which a person becomes a Christian. It is an ancient ceremony in the church, but it is more than just an old ritual. Baptism is for people who have chosen to become Christians – to live as followers of Jesus Christ and to be active members of the Church. If you are bringing a small baby for baptism, you will have made this choice for her or him. It is your choice too, because the baby will depend on your example of a Christian life and a living faith. Baptism is the start of a new life as a Christian – not so much something that is “done” to your child as something that is “begun” for your child’s life.